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Review – Commercials

As someone who watches a lot of TV shows (particularly on Hulu), I suffer through my fair share of commercials.

“But Jared” you say, “commercials are my favorite part of watching the boob tube.”
To that I reply, “Why are you still calling television ‘the boob tube’?”

Maybe I am in the minority of people who care this much about commercials. That’s fine. But when I see a well written, well produced commercial, a wave of satisfaction washes over me; cleansing my soul of the filth that is bad advertisement.

So, here are the reviews of my favorite and least favorite commercials currently airing on the boob tube.

I’ll start with my least favorite:

Agh. I don’t even know where to begin reviewing this wretch. I think the worst part about it is that there are more than one of these currently in circulation. The advertising department of KFC liked this idea so much that they gave the green light to make more.
It is a fake video log for a fake blog. I wish that was enough to stop production, but it wasn’t. The fine print literally says “Not an actual blog.”
It is supposed to look like people candidly talking about how much they like KFC. The problem with that is nobody actually likes KFC enough to record themselves talking about how good it is.
And why is there so much editing? It’s a 40 second commercial. Why not just have the actors memorize the script and do it in one shot? The amount of cuts they use in one commercial just puts the icing on the annoying cake; which sounds better than a meal from KFC.

Now on to my favorite commercial:

I laughed so much the first time I watched that commercial. More than that, I was really impressed by it. It is simple, it gets the point across, and it’s easy to watch. Might I add, “Whatever’s Comfortable” is a great slogan, and only increases my love for this ad campaign of Southern Comfort.
My initial observation is the creativity of using the same person through the whole commercial. I love how he points to the next person in line, who is actually himself, to indicate that it’s his turn to start dancing. Even though it is the same person, all of his dances look so different. I don’t know about you, but any time I dance it always looks the same. So I applaud his variety of dance moves.
My favorite aspect of the commercial is how confident he is. He believes that his moves look better than anyone else’s, even though he isn’t that good of a dancer. But isn’t that how everybody feels about their own moves? We all think we look so good on the dance floor, when most of us probably look awkward and just plain terrible. The key is confidence, and this dude has a ton of it. It’s like he is inviting us to join him in feeling comfortable enough in ourselves to get up and dance with him. Most of the time, I end up doing a little head-bob and some body movements on my couch just to feel better about myself.

That’s my first edition of “Review”. I hope to do some more of these in the future. If you have a commercial that you think could contest either of my picks, post it and give me your reasons for why you think its better (or worse) than these.

See you on the dance floor.