Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Fear of Creativity

Over the past few years, I have become fascinated with art. Not just the type of art that you see on canvasses in museums, but films and music as well.

My favorite pieces of art are the ones that cause me to feel something. The ones that make me think about why I like them.  I usually walk away from them feeling motivated to create something, myself. To me, that is what art is supposed to be about: pushing the bounds in such a way that inspires other people to do the same.

In a way, art is a form of activism. It impregnates those who encounter it with a sense of motivation. It should cause people to see life differently. It may make people happy. It may make people sad. Either way, it should evoke some sort of emotion.

However, creativity is a scary thing.

Many of us are afraid to be creative because we don’t want to stand out from the crowd. We are comfortable with blending in with the rest of society; going through life without making any type of mark on the world. We like jumping on bandwagons, picking up trends, and fitting in.

I get it. Being creative means being vulnerable. In order to create something, you have to put your emotions and ideas out in the world where they will be judged and critiqued. If someone bashes your creation, they are essentially bashing you as a person because you are putting yourself into that piece of art.

So, we stay in our little boxes. We choose to hide our true selves from the world. 


Our creativity is a gift. Everyone has the capability of being creative. So, why do we choose to hide our creativity? If we all decided to expose our thoughts and emotions in a poem or painting or song or film, everyone would become more honest about who we truly are. We wouldn’t have to hide behind the barriers we build around ourselves.

Creativity may look different from person to person, but we all have something inside of us that wants to get out and into the hands, eyes, or ears of another person.

My question to you is, what are you waiting for? Those canvasses, songs, or films won’t paint, write, or shoot themselves. And if you are creating things, how are they impacting your life and the world around you?