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Jesus in my heart

Yes, another reblog. This one is by my good friend, and mentor, John Hunt.


I am scared to let my son go to Vacation Bible School. I am afraid that he will ask Jesus into his heart. I attended VBS many times as a child, though technically I asked Jesus into my heart at church camp in the third grade. I went on mission trips in which we hosted VBS’s for small churches; I was a puppeteer, even a speaker a time or two. We always gave the children an opportunity to ask Jesus into their hearts. I don’t know that we used that formulaic language, I feel like I rejected that sort of thing pretty early on, and yet, honestly, it’s a pretty good image of how I most often live my life as a believer. It’s also pretty close to what we were offering those children we would never see again and what I fear most for my son, that he would…

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